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All About Corrientes

CORRIENTES Avenue started as a dirt track in 1536 and has now become the cultural core of life and entertainment in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Corrientes is one of the first lines in the urban design of the city. In the late 19th century the city experienced a demographic explosion through a massive European immigration, mostly Italian, who set a critical influence. Genovese immigrants who settled brought their traditions like the focaccia bread, which lead to the thick crust pizza and the fugazzeta, an Argentinian classic.

At the same time, theatres, bookstores, pizzerias, cafés and cultural centres landed on Corrientes Avenue changing Buenos Aires lifestyle by offering an informal and inspiring environment. With the doors open until late night, the street became home to some of the finest tango tendencies. Writers, artists and visitors also felt the magnetism of “la calle que nunca duerme” (the street that never sleeps), and it took no time for pizzerias to became a reference of Corrientes idiosyncrasy.

Since then, pizzerias have become a fundamental joint, a meeting point for many. All day long people use pizzerias as a breakfast place, a lunch stop from work, having a fuggazeta with the classic chopp of draught beer, or a dinning place for the family and friends before or after the theatre.

We are proud to bring a slice of Corrientes to Winnipeg.


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