4 Feb

Dear costumers, we’re excited to announce that soon we will be opening our first empanada store – *La Pampa empanada gourmet* on 1604 st marys road. Feturing brand new flavours including vegan friendly empanadas and a variety argentinean classic desserts like “Alfajores” will be available. Stay tuned for the opening date! http://lapampaempanadas.ca/

3 Aug
the best pizza winnipeg Manitoba
HOLY SMOKED Smoked Beef, Smoked Turkey, On Our Siganture Tomato Sauce ,Topin With Muzza, Smoked Muzza And a Drizzle Of Grainny Dijon Mustard, Sweet Pickled Onions
31 Dec
Due to Corrientes being a family owned restaurant, we will be closing our place for the holidays starting January 1st to January 10th. We apologize for any inconveniences and to make it up to our beloved costumers, we will be having some surprises coming up once we reopen on January 11th such as new items [...]